Interior Leather Care

Fri Jan 30 14:01:18 EST 2004


I HIGHLY recommend this Leather Care Kit from Griot's Garage.

I have had good results with this kit.  It comes with EVERYTHING you need to clean and condition, plus applicators.  I especially find useful the horsehair brush to gently remove debris, not to mention it works great on vents and cleaning the switches and stereo face.  

Specifically, the cleaner has worked very, very well.  An A4 buddy of mine stained his Ecru seats and tried using some other Schucks brand crap and it did nothing but smear the stain even worse.  The Interior Cleaner in the kit totally removed it. 

Good kit and good price, that's about it. 

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  This my first car with leather interior, so I could use some wisdom/input.
  What are folks using to care for the leather interiors of their beasts?  
  Conditioners?  Cleaners? Protection products?
  Now that I have had the car for a while I need to start getting after 
  the interior.

  Chuck Pierce
  91 200tq 20v Avant

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