Subject: Master cyclinder Q

SuffolkD at SuffolkD at
Fri Jan 30 14:42:42 EST 2004

I just shot some photos of the Sachs one I have here.  Same PN#.

The part is stamped BOGE. I wish the list could handle photos, it would help 
the diagnosis sometimes.
Photo to you though.......HTH - Scott by BOSTON
> Hey all, I just picked up a master cylinder off Ebay for the avant and it is
> a Sachs part number is apparently 443 721 401 A (written on box in pen)  -
> the picture that was on the auction was of an ATE box with part number
> listed as 4A0721401 which is what my ETKA shows is correct.
> beyond the ethics of the auction -
> do I care if this is a Sachs and not the ATE?
> is that part number correct?
> Thanks
> Nat

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