BIRA System 3 opinions?

Henry A Harper III hah at
Fri Jan 30 22:49:59 EST 2004

There was an email sent to the BIRA members about a week ago to the effect that 
it was time to sign up for the next round of brackets. There's still time to 
join if you want some, just follow the instructions on the public site.

We need one more person (have 4, want 5)  with UFOs to make that Sys2/UFO 
bracket set more economically attractive. I'm one of the 4, swayed by the 
availability of Hakka-2s in 17" neu-S4 sizes. Upgrades for G60s are a little 
cheaper than the Sys2/UFO, but I don't really care about them :)

A8 5-spokers and urS6 Avus are among the other 16" wheels listed as tested and 
acceptable for Sys3 on

Henry Harper hah at
1991 200 quattro, 120k, needs new summer tires anyway
1988 GTI 16v, 239k

On Friday, January 30, 2004 7:59 PM, Phil and Judy Rose 
[SMTP:pjrose at] wrote:
> At 10:28 AM -0500 1/30/04, <auditude at> wrote:
> >I think I'm gonna (join BIRA and) get in on the current group buy
> >for BIRA's System 3 for my 200q20v with G60's.
> I guess I missed that--where's the info about the group buy? I didn't
> see anything (about it) on the BIRA site.
> On a related note:
> I've been told that the 16" urS4 wheels will clear the BIRA 3 brakes.
> Are there other 16" wheels that are known to work?
> Phil
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