BIRA System 3 opinions?

Brett Dikeman brett at
Fri Jan 30 23:24:29 EST 2004

At 8:49 PM -0700 1/30/04, Henry A Harper III wrote:

>We need one more person (have 4, want 5)  with UFOs to make that Sys2/UFO
>bracket set more economically attractive. I'm one of the 4, swayed by the
>availability of Hakka-2s in 17" neu-S4 sizes. Upgrades for G60s are a little
>cheaper than the Sys2/UFO, but I don't really care about them :)

What's the current pricing for UFOs if we get a 5th, and how much 
will it go down with each person?

The bracket cost was most of the reason going from UFO's to BIRA was 
completely cost prohibitive(it'd take 6 sets of pads+rotors before 
you -broke even-), so if we can get the cost down, it's a whole other 
ballgame, because by all accounts, they're better in all other 
regards(well, save the loss of 15" rims...)  Easier servicing, better 
pad choices, better modulation...yes?

I'd be in if the price dropped...I think my (brand new) UFOs are just 
about permanently warped after the MC locked up on me half-way from 
home and overheated them a year or two ago.  They get worse as they 
heat up, too; wobbles gets VERY bad, and effective stopping power 
goes way down...which is not my usual experience(usually they 
straighten out if you get 'em hot, and they should have plenty of 
staying power).  Siiigh.

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