Euro light question relating to that damn beeping thing in the dash

Joshua C smuckycat at
Sat Jan 31 11:53:05 EST 2004

I got some euro lights off ebay Germany last fall and recently installed 
them (wish I could have done it sooner but I didn't have the time) many 
thanks to all the listers whose posts helped immensely (esp Ingo's harness 
schematic...built it, pluged it in and it worked with out a flaw!)  What a 
difference!  But every time I switch from high to low I get that annoying 
"beeeep beeeep"  is this the auto check?  I have dashboard (IC) issues as 
well I imagine since I don't have any bulb out indicator as CJ Miller's site 
indicated.  Can I remove this annoying beeper without adverse effect?  Is 
this the silver cylinder on the back of the IC?  I HATE THAT DAMN NOISE!  It 
also routinely beeps when driving (despite having plenty of fluids or what 
ever else it measures).
Josh Cummings
91 200 Avant

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