auxillary relay box access

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At 1:17 PM -0700 1/31/04, andy wrote:
>I have asked before but since it has come up recently again. I am 
>unsure on how to pull all the dash components to access the 
>auxillary relay box to disable autocheck. I can only find a couple 
>of screws that don't move the lower dash as much as I can tell. 
>Could someone talk me through this. I could not find anything on 
>Chris Millers' site or SJM. I think they assume I know how to do 
>this. It is very clear what to do when you finally gain access to 
>the panel. Thanx in advance.

Here's something I've quoted from an old post of Chris Miller's who 
is quoting SJM's web site (did you look there?):

       " This Lamp Control Unit resembles a relay and is located in the
auxiliary relay panel under the drivers side dash. On the
        1989-91 200TQ with the airbag, to gain access to this Lamp Control
Unit, you need to remove the large panel under the dash
        which functions as the knee bar. The side trim panel has to be removed
first to get at the two screws for this lower dash panel
        (knee bar). There is one screw underneath at the bottom left, that
retains this side panel, and then the side panel must be
        pulled down slightly and then wrestled up once the upper retaining
tangs are down and out. There are two screws behind this
        side panel that retain the lower dash panel (knee bar). In addition
there is one screw under the steering column area and one
        screw at the bottom lip of this lower dash panel that must be removed
to get this lower dash panel (knee bar) pulled out.
        Getting the side panel back in place after re-installing the lower dash
panel is a bit of a pain."

This was a sh!t job, as I recall.

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