oem silver 993tt calipers?

auditude at cox.net auditude at cox.net
Sat Jan 31 17:18:12 EST 2004


I just discovered the bolt-on option of using 993tt calipers/RS2 brackets/A8L rotors on the 
G60 cars.  I vaguely recalled there was a factory combination like that, but didn't know 
which.  Since I have the brackets already, I think I'm going to go this route.  

I saw that ECS has 993tt calipers available in silver.  Does anyone know if this was a 
Porsche factory color?  If so, which cars had these calipers?  I understand Big Blacks were 
from 928 GTS' for example.  I would want original paint and not a repaint and the silver looks 
kinda nice.

Also, what was that (previous) listers website that dealt with Porsche brakes?  I can't 
remember what the site was, but he sold caliper decals and rebuilt parts or services.  His 
name was something like Michael Waccholz or something like that.  He would participate in 
various opinionated threads about brakes. =)  Ring a bell?  I believe he's the one that 
brought up the information that killed Bira System 4 way back when.



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