Euro light question relating to that damn beeping thing in the dash

Joshua C smuckycat at
Sat Jan 31 17:21:46 EST 2004

I'll check the coolant, mine seems very sesitive to the point where it 
drives me nuts.
I doubt it's the MFTS since I see full boost when ever I need it.
I have just never been a fan of audible warning signals...but since I need 
to pull the IC next week (provided my local dealer actually ordered the dash 
bulbs I ordered) I will check the contacts, and maybe re solder them, the 
autocheck works sometimes....
The car which I have had for 3 yrs actually had lots of little problems when 
I bought it from a dealer who assured me it was perfect, and claimed to be 
an Audi "expert"...the car only made 1.4 when I bought it and that was how I 
thought it was supposed to be until I ran across CJ Miller's website, since 
then I have been trying to do as many repairs my self (after buying a bently 

Josh Cummings

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Subject: Re: Euro light question relating to that damn beeping thing in the 
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2004 14:03:50 -0500

At 11:53 AM -0500 1/31/04, Joshua C wrote:
>I got some euro lights off ebay Germany last fall and recently installed 
>them (wish I could have done it sooner but I didn't have the time) many 
>thanks to all the listers whose posts helped immensely (esp Ingo's harness 
>schematic...built it, pluged it in and it worked with out a flaw!)  What a 
>difference!  But every time I switch from high to low I get that annoying 
>"beeeep beeeep"  is this the auto check?

Yes, it's the auto check--various posts (archived) and web pages describe 
the "cure"--you need to modify contacts on the headlight relay, which is 
unfortunately one of those lurking behind that blasted driver's (knee) 
panel. I've been waiting for at least one _more_ good reason before I pull 
that damn panel off... (see Chris Miller's web site for details.)

>   I have dashboard (IC) issues as well I imagine since I don't have any 
>bulb out indicator as CJ Miller's site indicated.  Can I remove this 
>annoying beeper without adverse effect?

Fix the IC problem rather than eliminate the warning beep--it's doing it for 
good reason (usually).

>  Is this the silver cylinder on the back of the IC?  I HATE THAT DAMN 
>NOISE!  It also routinely beeps when driving (despite having plenty of 
>fluids or what ever else it measures).

Does your fault-display not work at all? You need to get it working 
again--its connector probably just needs a little contact "enhancement".  
Some of us merely keep smacking at the top of the dash with our fist to 
shock that display back to full consciousness. The random beeping could be a 
symptom of a failed MFTS (which means you'll have low boost, too). If the 
sensor actually thinks the coolant level is too low, just add a little more 
even if it seems OK; some coolant-level sensors are quite sensitive to 
slightly low level (mine isn't one of those).

Don't shoot the messenger (hitting is OK, though)!


Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
mailto:pjrose at

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