[s-cars] RE: oem silver 993tt calipers?

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Sat Jan 31 22:04:54 EST 2004

993 and 993tt calipers are NOT the same.


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I seem to recall seeing them on a 993 C4, but that should be the same as
carrera, right?

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>Subject: [s-cars] RE: oem silver 993tt calipers?
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>Hi Taka,
>I guess I mean is there any caliper that is the same as the Big Red, 
>available in silver.
>Like the 928 GTS caliper is the same, but is black and I think has
>pipe/bleeder orientation.  I'm wondering what car "Big Silver's" come
>if any.
>Here is a pic of what appears to be a '95-98 Porsche 911, but it could 
>be a
>different caliper.
>Are the 996C4 calipers the same type as Big Red's except they are 
>If so what years
>would they be from?
>On 31 Jan 2004 at 17:20, TM wrote:
> > Ken-
> > No such thing as OEM silver 993tt calipers unless
> > you had Porsche specially-paint the calipers at the
> > factory as part of a customization program.
> >
> > You may be thinking of the 996C4 calipers, which do come
> > in silver as OEM.
> >
> > Taka
> >
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