C. E. L. follow up

Andy Schor walbum at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 1 14:45:35 EDT 2004

I pulled the plastic cover and the area directly 
under it didn't look too bad.  Then I squeezed 
my hand in and pulled out a bunch of pine needles 
and assorted muck from down below.
I also checked behind the cover for the ECU.  
It doesn't appear to be discolored and is dry.

I started the car and it seems to run fine but the CEL 
doesn't turn itself off.  Is there a reset procedure?

I have a few errands to run this afternoon and I'd like 
to take this car, any reason not to?  

When I get some time, I plan to run the diagnostic 
test per SJM site.  

Thanks to everyone who responded,

Andy Schor
'91 200q20v Avant

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