Poor warm restart idle and more

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Fri Jul 2 14:37:17 EDT 2004

> From: Phil and Judy Rose <pjrose at frontiernet.net>
>>> Shouldn't pad wear be about the same inside to outside if you have the
>>> caliper in good working order?
>> Should be about the same, but is less even on my UFOs than on the G60s, even
>> with guide pins well lubed.  G60 pads can be reversed if you don't use the
>> unnecessary retaining spring supplied on some of the outboard pads.
> The whole notion of "rotating" pads for "maximizing pad life" strikes
> me as a bit over-the-top. I suspect any extension of pad life would
> probably come at the expense of reduced rotor life. But to each his
> own.
If one changes wheels twice a year for summer and winter rubber, one is in
there anyway and should inspect for pad wear and guide pin freedom.  What
does pad life have to do with rotor life in this context?
> Anyway, I'm puzzled about that so-called "unnecessary" retaining
> spring  Bernie refers to, since every G60 pad I've seen has it (i.e.,
> so will always be on _both_ pads--even my Hawk Blue racing pads);
> hence that should not impede reversibility.
No.  Some G60 pads, at greater expense, have a retaining spring on the back
of the outside pad to lock it to the caliper ears.

> What may be a problem in
> reversing pads is if the inner pad has the wear detector wiring. Of
> course Bernie argues against using the wear detector system anyway,
> as it may induce someone to frivolously replace their pads before
> they're worn down to the last 1/32" (or less).
No argument against, just believe totally unnecessary.


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