Fool Pump Howling

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Fri Jul 2 16:39:12 EDT 2004

I replaced my fuel pump with one of those skinny ones a couple years ago
(could it be three?) and apparently it doesn't like its nice new home (the
tank I installed last month) because it's suddenly begun to whine so loudly
you can hear it standing outside the car.  Has anyone had the skinny ones fail?

I know the tank is not junked up (unless I got bad gas, but I've only
bought from places where I've always bought from with no problem before)
because it was spotless shiny inside and I looked it all over.

Only thing different is that when I did the replacement before, like on the
5k one I took out, there was only one hose from the pump to the tank lid.
So the new pump in the 200 had the return fuel pouring back into the tank
from the fitting on the bottom of the tanklid. I since have discovered
there's supposed to be a return line hook-up at the lid (there's provision
for it).  I saw the hose in the new tank before I installed it, so I hooked
it up to the lid.  So, again, the thing that's different is that the return
line from the front of the car now is plumbed back to the bottom of the
pump housing.  Don't know why that would make the pump whine.

Again, has anyone had the skinny pump fail?  Did it make a lot of noise for
any length of time before it died?

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