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>  I am not familiar with the acronym's that are used in the emails. 
>Can someone tell me what they all mean?

Below is a list I saved from quite a while ago. It mistakenly calls 
itself an "acronym list" although virtually all the listings are not 
(acronyms). Very useful.

HTH (it's in there, too),


>Date: Fri, 27 Nov 1998 11:38:32 -0500
>From: Richard Beels <beels at>
>Subject: Master Acronym Listing
>As usual, correction, additions, etc. gratefully accepted (and encouraged).
>Revision History
>Rev	Date			Maintainer	Notes
>- -----	-----------		-------------- 
>	--------------------------
>1.00	11/27/98		Richard Beels	Initial Release
>This list is composed of the following sections:
>	General Use TLAs
>	Auto/Audi/List Specific TLAs
>	SigLine TLAs
>General Use TLAs:
><g> : "I'm grinning while I type this" or "That last bit was a joke. Laugh!"
><s> : In above definition, replace grin with smile.
>02 (Zero-2): My 2 cents worth
>247, 24-7 (say twenty-four seven or twenty-four by seven): 24 hours a day,
>7 days a week.
>724, 7-24 (say seven twenty-four or seven by twenty-four): 7 days a week,
>24 hours a day.
>AAMOF: As A Matter Of Fact
>AFAIK: As Far As I Know
>B4B: Bang for the Buck
>B4N: Bye For Now
>BBL: Be Back Later
>BBR: Burnt Beyond Repair
>BCNU: Be Seeing You
>BF<word>: Big Flocking <word>, as in "I hit it with a BFH." or "I hit it
>with my trusty BF hammer."
>BFE: Bum-Flock Egypt. Denotes a place very, very far away.
>BFI: Brute Force & Ignorance or Bunch of Flocking Idiots
>BFN: Bye For Now
>BMF<word>: Big Mother Flocking <word>, as in "I hit it with a BMFH." or "I
>hit it with my trusty BMF hammer."
>BTDT: Been there, done that (got the T-shirt....)
>BTW: By The Way
>BW: BandWidth
>BWDIK: But What Do I Know
>COS: Crock of Shtuff
>CYA: Cover Your Assets
>D/FW: Dallas/Fort Worth
>DIY: Do It Yourself
>DWTGT: Don't Want To Go There
>FOAF: Friend Of A Friend
>FTR: For The Record
>FWIW: For What It's Worth
>HSIK: How Should I Know
>HTH: Hope That Helps
>IAC: In Any Case
>IAE: In Any Event
>IANAL: I Am Not A Lawyer
>IIRC: If I Recall Correctly
>IIRC: If I Remember Correctly
>IM(NS)HO: In My (Not So) Humble Opinion
>IME: In My Experience
>IMO: In My Opinion
>IMPE: In My Professional Experience
>IMSM: If Memory Serves Me
>IMSMC: If Memory Serves Me Correctly
>IMXO: In My Expert Opinion
>ISO: In Search Of
>IUD: Insert Usual Disclaimers
>IYE: In Your Experience
>IYO: In Your Opinion
>JM2c: Just my two cents
>JM2ct: Just my two cents
>KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid!
>KOW: Knock On Wood
>L8R: later
>LMK: Let Me Know
>MH02 (Zero-2): My Humble 2 cents worth
>MYOB: Mind Your Own Business
>NBD: No Big Deal or Not a Big Deal
>NFW: No Flocking Way
>NOYB: None Of Your Business
>NRN: No Reply Necessary
>OBO: Or Best Offer
>OBTW: Oh, By The Way
>OIC: Oh, I See
>OTL: Out To Lunch
>OTOH: On The Other Hand
>PITA: Pain In The A$$
>PO'd: Pissed Off (even though it really should be "P'dO")
>POS: Piece of Sh!t
>RFC: Request For Comments
>RFI: Request For Information
>RFQ: Request For Quotation
>ROTFL(MAO): Rolling On The Floor Laughing (My A$$ Off)
>RSN: Real Soon Now
>RTFM: Read The Fine Manual!  Brits might also say RTBM: Read The 
>Bloody Manual!
>SWAG: Scientific Wild A$$ Guess
>TIA: Thanks In Advance
>TIC: Tongue In Cheek
>TLA: originally Three Letter Acronym, now used to mean an acronym of any
>TLC: Tender, Loving Care
>TOS: Terms Of Service
>TTYS: Talk To You Soon
>UDA: Usual Disclaimers Apply
>WAG: Wild A$$ Guess
>WBR: With Best Regards
>WOB: Waste Of Bandwidth
>WOMBAT: Waste of Money, Brains and Time
>WRT: With Regard To
>YABA: Yet Another Bloody Acronym
>YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary
>Auto/Audi/List-Specific TLAs
>ABS: Anti-lock Braking System
>AF: Anti-Freeze
>ATE: Company that makes brake rotors and fluid.
>AWD: All Wheel Drive
>AoA: Audi of America
>Avant: Audi-speak for StationWagon
>BDC: Bottom Dead Center
>BMV: Bureau of Motor Vehicles, the license-plate people in some
>jurisdictions.  Agency that bends you over the counter for the privilege of
>owning and driving a motor vehicle.
>BRG: British Racing Green (the color)
>BTCC: British Touring Car Championship.  Run by TOCA, not FIA.  Fastest,
>largest and most competitive (Germany (STW) and Australia are the other
>major TC countries) touring car series in the world.
>Blau: Blaufergnugen, parts vendor
>Bomb: Brake Pressure Accumulator.  Provides pressure to the brake servo and
>ABS unit during emergency braking.
>C&D: Car & Driver magazine
>CC: Climate Control
>CC: Cruise Control
>COG or CoG: Center of Gravity
>CP: Control Pressure
>CPR: Control Pressure Regulator
>Carlson: Carlson Audi, Palo Alto, CA.  Ask for Linda, mention the list, get
>good prices.
>Cat-back: Everything in the exhaust system AFTER (not including) the
>catalytic convertor
>DED: Dark Emitting Diode
>DMV: Department of Motor Vehicles, the license-plate people in some
>jurisdictions.  Yet another government agency that bends you over the
>counter for the privilege of owning and driving a motor vehicle.
>DOHC: Dual Over Head Camshaft
>DOT3: Brake Fluid Grade - Min dry boiling pt =205degC or 401degF.  Min wet
>boiling pt = 140degC or 284degF. aliphatic polyether-based, can be mixed
>with DOT4, characteristics will be (linearly) in between DOT3/DOt4
>parameters. Cheap, most widely used, eats paint, absorbs water easily, eats
>natural rubber seals.
>DOT4: Brake Fluid Grade - Min dry boiling pt=230degC or 446degreesF.  Min
>wet boiling pt = 155degC or 311degreesF.  borate ester based, can be mixed
>with DOT3, characteristics will be (linearly) in between DOT3/DOT4
>parameters, 50% more expensive than DOT3, eats paint,  significantly
>increased resistance to moisture absorption compared to DOT3 (but still
>absorbs water), does not eat natural rubber seals.
>DOT5.1: Brake Fluid Grade - Min dry boiling pt=260degC or 500degF.  Min wet
>boiling pt = 180degC or 356degF. It's a stupid name (5.x) as it's
>glycol-based (borate ester) like DOT3/4 and has NO silicone.  Absorbs
>water, eats paint, more expensive than DOT4, difficult to locate.
>DOT5: Brake Fluid Grade - Min dry boiling pt=260degC or 500degF.  Min wet
>boiling pt = 180degC or 356degF. Cannot mix with other fluids as it
>contains silicone, turns to jelly if done so; colored purple. Used mostly
>for antique cars and some motorcycles because it does not damage paint and
>does not absorb water (it allows water to pool in the low pars of the
>braking system).  Is more compressible than DOT3/4 though.  Twice as
>expensive as DOT4 (and thus 3 times as expensive as DOT3) and has limited
>DRL: Daytime Running Lights
>DTC: Diagnostic Trouble Code
>Dan: Dan Simoes, der ListeMeister
>EBD: Electronic Brake (pressure) Distribution
>EC: European Car magazine.  From the people who also publish SCC (Sport
>Compact Car)
>ECT: Engine Coolant Temperature
>ECU: Electronic Control Unit.  Also, Engine CompUter, aka FTU: Fuel and
>Timing Unit.
>EDL/EDS: Electronic Differential Lock. EDS is German abbreviation 
>for the same.
>EDL: Electronic (front-axle) Differential Lock
>EGT: Exhaust Gas Temperature
>EM: Exhaust Manifold
>ET: Code for offset on wheels.  Example: ....ET 45, meaning 45 mm offset.
>Also, Elapsed Time.
>FFV: Fuel Frequency Valve
>fiche: Microfiche that Audi publishes parts lists and service information
>on.  Yes you need a reader to read them.  A 16x loupe is NOT enough. And if
>you don't have a big reader, you'll need to learn to read upside down.
>FS: For Sale
>FTD: Fastest Time of the Day
>FV: Frequency Valve
>FWD: Front Wheel Drive, NOT "Four WD"
>GOO 2000 - Pentosin Green (after part # G 002000)
>GPR: German Parts & Restoration, parts vendor
>Genius: Idiot.  Usually used when referring to Audi engineer(s) who
>designed the switch bulb circuitry or the door lock mechanisms or the
>window regulators or the high-beam flashing circuitry (could very well be
>the same person).  See Team Doorhandle.
>HC: Heater Core
>HVAC: Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
>I/C: InterCooler.  Also, Instrument Cluster.
>IAT: Intake Air Temperature
>IC: InterCooler.  Also, Instrument Cluster.
>ID: Inner Diameter
>IM: Intake Manifold
>ISV: Idle Stablization Valve
>K&N: Company that makes filters: air, fuel, oil.  Also K+N
>KKK: Company that makes turbochargers.  Alternately, abbreviation for Juha
>Kankkunnen (4-time! WRC Champion).  Has nothing to do with Southern
>American Red-Necks who have a white sheet fetish.
>LED: Light Emitting Diode.  In most Audis, these are known as friodes.
>They become SEDs: Smoke Emitting Diodes on their way to becoming DEDs: Dead
>Emitting Diodes.  We also seem to possess a large number of LERs: Light
>Emitting Resistors...
>LET: Light Emitting Transistor
>LFB: Left Foot Braking
>LHD: Left Hand Drive (driver/sterring wheel position)
>MAC: Mandatory Audi Content
>MAC: Name for a series of ECUs, e.g. MAC-02.
>MAF: Mass Air Flow or Mass AirFlow Sensor
>MAP: Manifold Absolute Pressure
>MAS: Mass Airflow Sensor
>MC: Master Cylinder.  Also, M/C
>MSDS: Material Safety Data Sheet
>Michelin Man Hose: Rubber hose that connects IC with throttle body
>MoS2: Molybdenun Disulfide, high-pressure lubricant.
>Mr. Bentley: Publisher of the best shop manuals for Audis, he sadistically
>removes seemingly non-pertinent information from the manuals (when doing
>this, he's a genius, see above) that is highly pertinent.  This information
>can then only be imparted from an Audi-certified technician under a full
>moon whilst inebriated and concurrently undergoing secret fraternity
>initiation rites.  Or by asking here on the list (booze may be required at
>a later date, however).
>NA: Normally Aspirated
>NAC: No Audi Content.
>NO: Next Owner
>NT: Non-Turbo
>O2S: Oxygen Sensor
>OBD: On-Board Diagnostics
>OD: Outer Diameter
>OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer.  Also, simply OE.
>OXS: Oxygen Sensor
>P(D)L: Power (Door) Locks
>PC: Powder Coat
>PCB: Printed Circuit Board
>PO: Previous Owner
>ProRally: Rallying as practised by Americans and Canadians. Was PRO Rally.
>PS: Power Steering
>PW: Power Windows
>QCUSA: USA Quattro Club
>QLCC (1.8bar): Quattro List Computer Chip (pushing 1.8 bar of pressure
>through the turbo; value can vary) or Quattro List Chip Committee or
>Quattro List Chip Club.
>Quattro: AWD system, developed by Audi and refined through years of WRC
>development.  Engine is longitudinal.
>R&R: Remove & Replace
>R&T: Road & Track magazine
>RDH: Robert Houk, disassembler of the MAC ECUs
>RHD: Right Hand Drive (driver position)
>RMV: Registry of MV. Yet another government agency that bends you over the
>counter for the privilege of owning and driving a motor vehicle.
>RWD: Rear Wheel Drive
>SC: Slave Cylinder
>SJM: Scott Mockry
>SO: Significant Other, also SE: Spousal Equivalent
>SOHC: Single Over Head Camshaft
>SP: System Pressure
>STW: Super TourenWagen, German series: Super Touring Wagon. Sad successor
>(relatively speaking) to the awesome DTM (Deutsche TouringWagen
>Meisterschaft) series that Bernie Ecclestone killed off.
>SUV: Sport-Utility Vehicle.  Large pondering vehicles that reside in the
>left lane doing 65, noted for their fine handling and excellent gas mileage
>(if you need to ask....).  They are the yuppie-mobile of the 90's and
>beyond.  So popular our buddy Al wants to tax them extra. Usually driven by
>a clueless person with a cellphone stuck to one ear.  At stoplights, said
>clueless person can often be seen reading the newspaper.  Unfortunately,
>this phenomenon does not stop when the lights go green.  Some say this is a
>vehicular example of Darwin's laws.  We'll see......
>Scoobie or Scoobie-Doo: Subaru (affectionate term)
>Spool: A type of differential. Essentially it's a non-differential, simply
>locking the rear wheels together.  Full-time rear diff lock is another way
>of thinking about it.
>Synchro: think Quattro with a transverse engine layout,
>t-belt: Timing Belt.  See also TDC.
>T10: A common size designation for a TORX driver.  Other common sizes are
>5, 20, 30, 45.
>TAP: Total Audi Performance, makes chips (no, not potato)
>TBO: Time Between Overhauls
>TDC: Top Dead Center.  If you don't get it, pay someone to change your
>timing belt.  You haven't replaced your timing belt?  Pay someone NOW to
>change your timing belt.
>TDI: Turbocharged Direct Injection
>TSB: Technical Service Bulletin
>Team Doorhandle: Perjorative term for Audi engineer(s) who designed the
>oh-so-reliable door handles on Type 44 and others.
>Torsen, T*sen, T*rsen: another type of differential, gear based.
>Triple Square: A driver design that resembles a 12-pointed star, with 90
>degree ends.  Imagine 3 super-imposed squares with a 120 degrees rotation
>in relation to each other ("tips" 30 degrees in relation to each other)
>- --or-- a 12 pointed Torx.  Use the correct tool because while Torx bits
>will fit a 12-point head and _sometimes_ work, when (not if, when) they
>strip, you're up that proverbial creek.
>UFOs: UFO shaped front brake calipers sometimes used by AoA while on the
>Roswell project, a form of military technology transfer.
>UK-QOC: UK Quattro Owners Club
>Ur: Original in German, refers to the Original Quattro. e.g. Ur-Q, urq, UrQ
>VAG: Volkswagen AG = Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft.  Usually followed by a
>number.  This almost always indicates a special tool that VAG recommends
>you use to perform some sort of basic system maintenance.  Of course, you
>don't always need the tool. You can make your own.  With most of them,
>expensive is an understatement.  Some genius came up with this system (see
>VC: Viscous Coupling, type of differential, fluid based.
>VE: Volumetric Efficiency
>VIN: Vehicle Identification Number
>Waffle: Rubber hose/plenum that connects air intake box with throttle body
>WFO: Wide Flocking Open, as in throttle.
>WG: Wastegate
>WGFV: WasteGate Frequency Valve
>WMB: Sly, "in" reference to BMWs
>WOT: Wide Open Throttle.  Also the name of a throttle switch.
>WRC: World Rally Championship.  The world's most popular form of
>motorsport, as practised by all non-North Americans.
>WTB: wanted to buy
>ZAC: Zero Audi Content
>SigLine TLAs
>- -<option>: non-<option>, as in 5K-t-q: 5000 non-turbo non-quattro
>12v: 12 valve engine (V6, 2 valves per cylinder)
>1C: 100
>2C: 200
>20v: 20 valve engine (5 cylinder, 4 valves per cylinder)
>30v: 30 valve engine (V6, 5 valves per cylinder)
>4k: 4000
>5k: 5000
>a: Avant
>C: coupe
>cs: the cs trim level
>cw: Cold Weather Package
>gt: the gt trim level
>ls: the ls trim level
>Ltd: Limited Edition
>m: Manual
>Q or q: Quattro
>s: Sport Package
>s: the s trim level
>t: turbo
>w: StationWagon, also "a"
>w: Winter (Cold Weather) package

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