ISV Cleaning

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Sun Jul 4 13:29:33 EDT 2004

> From: Brice2004 at (Brice Warnick)
> Kneales post gave me something to do today for cheap.  Auto Zone has
> carb cleaner for 99¢ a can. So I pulled the ISV and sprayed it out
> real good. It is the original ISV and to my surprise it was extremely
> clean. I sprayed it anyway since I had it off. I took a thin flat
> screwdriver and opened the inlet  and took another thin screwdriver to
> hold it open and the sprayed a bunch of carb cleaner in and capped each
> end and shook it real good for awhile. No residue at all.
> Dumb question but why are some ISVs really clogged, some medium dirty
> and some really clean? What causes that?
K&N air filters.


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