Fuel Pump Noise update

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Thu Jul 8 19:29:30 EDT 2004

Thanks  to Steve Bednarski, who suggested a little lube in the fuel might
help my loud fuel pump keep pumping.

We used the lubing properties of Stabil and some drygas to keep the 200q20v
running smoothly when it started acting up at his end of my 1600-mile
round-trip from northern MI to Eastern PA Tuesday/Wednesday.  I think maybe
I got a bad load of gas on the way.  Car was stumbling and dying when
pressed for performance.

When the same thing occurred in the middle of the return trip, I got some
more drygas and the Marvel Mystery Oil Steve said might help the pump.  No
more stumbling, and when I got home, the very loud fuel pump (you could
hear it from several feet away outside the car) was no longer singing to
me.  I'm going to see how long it goes without starting to make noise
again.  It's one of those skinny little pumps with the internal pressure
regulator that I installed a couple years ago.  It had suddenly started
screeching last weekend after being totally quiet throughout its tenure in
my fuel tanks (it looked OK and was clean when I transferred it to the new
replacement fuel tank a couple weeks ago).

So, if you've got a loud fuel pump, try a little Marvel Mystery Oil in the
tank to see if it gets quiet.

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