upper strut bushing- 2 strut washers?

Mike Sylvester msylvester at verizon.net
Fri Jul 9 08:37:53 EDT 2004


Bernie is referring to the bearing, you had a bushing failure and Yes there
are 2 concave  "washers" that sandwich the upper bushing.
You can install one in about 5 minutes.  I would not drive the car without
them or risk damaging the new bushing.
A stiffer strut is more likely to cause a bushing failure since it is
putting more stress on that bushing.

I'm sure I must have a few kicking around my place.  I'll be wrenching on
Saturday if you want to stop by and install them.

Mike Sylvester

Bernie Wrote:


Have you referred to your 100/200 Bentley (you must have one) 40.8?  The
Strut thrust Bearing is sandwiched between the Upper Spring Retainer and the
Bearing Plate.  No washers involved!  If the upper strut rod mount rubber
bushing (Strut Mounting plate) has failed, allowing the strut rod to move
upward into the hood, replace it!  (Never heard of such a problem, must be
HR/ Blist. related)  The Strut Bearing can be relubed by snapping apart,
washing and regreasing components.  Careful!  Lots of little uncaged balls.

"The Shop" may well be your problem!  DIY!  This is not another
heads-in-the-sand like tranny problem, I hope.  Find the real problem and


> From: Brett Dikeman <brett at cloud9.net>
> Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2004 20:50:39 -0400
> To: 200q20v at audifans.com
> Subject: upper strut bushing-  2 strut washers?
> Question- reading through the archives on the upper strut bushing
> assembly, I found a post on the s-car list which states that there
> are two large washers/disks that spread load across the bushing:
> http://www.audifans.com/pipermail/s-car-list/2003-November/022599.html
> (don't bother with the link in that post, it doesn't work).
> I have both top disks/washers, but with the driver's side bushing
> off, there's clearly no bottom disk.
> The post goes on to further say that lack of this washer causes
> premature failure of the bushing.  Surprise surprise, both mine are
> toasted, with dents in the hood liner to prove it.
> Is the 200q20v the same, or is this s-car specific?
> Huw poked around in ETKA for me and came up with this for the 3B:
> 445 412 339 "retainer" underneath
> 443 412 145 on top
> Apparently the bottom one is different depending upon sedan/wagon and
> 10vt/20vt (so if anyone can confirm that first part number, I'd
> appreciate it).
> If I am missing the bottom retainer and ETKA is correct, I need to
> have some words with the shop that installed the H&Rs/Bilsteins...and
> try to source two of the buggers ASAP, as the car's needed on
> Saturday.
> Is there minimal short term risk to the new bushings if I reassemble
> without the lower retainer?  I need to do about 200 miles round trip,
> maybe a little more, with a 2-3 passengers.  At $100+ they are not
> something I want to damage again.
> Brett

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