AAN intake cam in a 3B

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Fri Jul 9 09:48:31 EDT 2004

This was a thread from a while ago, but I thought I would follow up.

When using an AAN intake cam in a 3B, the AAN cam has to be machined so you
can press on the distributor gear from the 3B cam.


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> Mike,
> I believe that the intake cam for the 3B and the AAN/ADU/ABY are the
> same!
> When the machined end of the 3B cam breaks off of the cam with the gear
> we have on several occasions put the broken cam into an AAN engine, and
> used the cam from the AAN in the 3B after pressing on the gear.
> There was NO CHANGE in performance in either car.
> Therefore:  I believe they are the same grind.
> Ned Ritchie
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> By "cams", I assume you mean just the exhaust cam.
> The intake cam from an ADU engine is the same as from an AAN, but does
> not
> have the gear for the 3B distributor.
> I am not aware of anyone that has added this gear to the ADU/AAN intake
> cam.
> If anyone has, let us know.
> Mike Sylvester
> --  original message
> This is a VERY preliminary post just to gague interest in a group buy on
> RS2
> cams. I haven't even done any sort of checking on price. I just want to
> see
> if there is enough interest in this. If so, I may make some inquiries.
> Email
> me off list if you would have interest.
> Patrick
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