Oil Pan Gasket Sealant

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Wed Jul 14 11:52:28 EDT 2004

At 8:22 AM -0700 7/12/04, George Sidman wrote:
>John:    I recently went through this one. Bentley recommends no
>sealant. However, I lightly coated everything with RTV Silicon,
>and used Locktite on the pan bolts.

Not a bad idea to use Loctite on those bolts. My car's oil pan 
probably still has its original gasket, but I'd suddenly began to 
observe considerable seepage down the side of the pan--evidently from 
one small area of the pan seal directly above the drain plug area. 
One of those pan bolts was easily loosenable with just fingertip 
force and the adjacent several bolts were also in need of tightening. 
A bit of snugging up and the oil leak seems to be gone.


Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
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