91 tq wagon smoking

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 what color is the smoke?

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> Hello all,
>  Thanks to all who helped me on my last problem. Now I have a new one. A
> brief synopsis: Bought the car in Sacramento. Drove it back to Colorado.
> Engine performed flawlessly. Put 3000 miles on it without using any oil.
> Then, it starts smoking, only when warm. At first only at lower speeds,
> like in 2nd @ 2000 or 3000 rpms. Then it started smoking at higher rpms,
> not as bad but visible. The head was rebuilt by 2Bennett 37k miles ago.
> Replaced the spongy crankcase hose (pita) thinking it was closing on
> vacuum creating the smoke. This lessened the problem but it is still
> smoking. It has a hoppen stage 2 chip, rs turbo and em. I am freaked out
> that I might need to pull the head and do the valve guides. I paid top
> dollar for this car and will probably end up single, or minus a
> beautiful audi, which is difficult choice at this stage. Any help would
> be greatly appreciated.
> Greg
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