91 tq wagon smoking AND

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Fri Jul 16 22:40:47 EDT 2004

Today's TWO for ONE:
Re: Avant smoking.  My sedan did this when I did an oil change immediately 
after.  Overfilled, stopped smoking after a few laps...........  :-)

Paul, 17" wheels make the car handle well.  You'll love 'em.  I'd double 
check if 215/45 is too NARROW for a 7" rim.  My 225/45 look like they barely made 
it on.
I see everyone else run 235's.

Now............can we change the Subject line to reflect the subject of 17" 
wheels so we can find your info when others look for an upgrade?
-Scott by BOSTON

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> Fellow 200 fans: I just installed a set of 17x7" wheels on the 20v. Rage 
> Coda's with 215/45/H17's. The wheels and tires look sweet however the 215/45/17 
> tire is a little small, just for reference for anyone who plans on 17" wheels 
> for the 200 get the 215/50/17's. These tires will fill the wells better. As 
> for other cosmetics, solar guard quantum window tint looks immaculate with 
> the pearl paint. I am going to post pics of my pearl 200 soon. This car simply 
> kicks butt!  Ich leibe mein Audi, Paul  
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> From: "Alan Cordeiro" <alancordeiro at comcast.net>
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> Greg,
> Did you just change the oil right after the trip...(and possibly overfill it
> slightly?)

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