Addendum to: AC relay failure modes and fix, more than you ever wanted to know

gschesel gschesel at
Sun Jul 18 16:38:53 EDT 2004

For the 200Q-20V on pg 590, the offending diode on CT 487, shown within the
relay and across the contacts.  The relay is located at position #1, ref pg
333 (the ref location diagram for the 20V on pg 531 is all screwed up) in
the aux relay panel, driver's foot well.  PN 443-919-578F, marked "295", or
-587H, marked "306".  Maybe other versions?, but basically all the same.

This posting is for anyone else who still has a 200 in the lower VIN serial numbers prior to 024295.  

The above text is from Bernie Benz' posting of July 17, 2003.  It is all good info, but I found a difference when working on my 200 20v today.  I agree with Bernie that the diagram for the 200 20v on page 591 is wrong, however, position 6, not 1, of the referenced auxiliary relay panel on page 333 of the Bentley is where I located the a/c relay.  It had the p/n 443-919-578F 
Bernie indicated and had "295" in white numerals on the top.  The replacement I received from Scott Mockry was the same p/n but was the H version and had "306" on it.  I swapped the new one into position 6, the rightmost position of the middle row.

91 200 20v tq avant

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