91 tq wagon smoking AND

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Hello All: My trip to New Mexico was fun. The 17's handled great. They are a little short on width and height. These 17x7's will hold a decently sized tire 225 or 235, thats about as big as I would go under my 200. I've had 305/50/15's on my 78 camaro but going more than 245 would limit my traction in the snow (In Colorado Springs it'll snow in July sometimes). Next time around I will get a bigger tire. I think maybe a 225/50/17. Raced a little bit with a 03/04 1.8T Jetta on this trip, he didn't keep up. Sweet.  Paul --Original Message-- From: TM<t44tq at mindspring.com> To: <200q20v at audifans.com> 
Subject: RE: 91 tq wagon smoking AND 
  17x7" wheels on a '91 200q? 

That sounds too narrow, if anything. 

The car is severely tire limited in the sizes you're talking 
about- 215 section width. 


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