Happersized Rear Sway Bars(HRSB)

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Thanks for including Hap's description of his RSB.
Do you know how he is measuring anti roll force?  His units are wrong, but
likely he means the stock 17mm bar has a spring rate of 331 lb/in. measured
at the link attachment point/radius?  If so, or even if not so, the "HRSB"
at 125, 140 and 155 lb/in apparently is much softer in roll resistance than
is the stock S4 bar!  Why such a design?


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> Subject: Happersized Rear Sway Bars(HRSB)
> Bernie,
> I am forwarding the last email I received from Hap on the HRSB on
> 04/06/2004.
> He also sent me the pdf I sent you.
> I suggest that you contact him directly for more information.
> HTH,
> Eric
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> s-heads
> There has been a ground swell of interest and inquiry from this list as
> well
> as the AW group. I am therefore, opening up another run of the bars. For
> those
> of you with Avants and 92 S4s(some 93 Canadians as well) you have the stock
> 17mm bar good for 33lbs of anti-roll. The HRSB has 3 adjustment holes and
> is
> good for 125, 140, and 155lbs of anti-roll. The bar comes with sized
> mounting
> brackets and urethane bushings and a set of beefy heim joints. For those of
> you
> with non-bar cars(the rest of us) there is a mounting kit available that
> allows the mounting of the bar with the provided brackets.
> There is a list of Audi-only pieces that are also required and they cost
> about $20. The weak link of these pieces is a key that allows the heim
> joint to be
> attached to chassis. Several listers have come up with solutions. Dave
> Dawson, who lives here in Evahboost is ready to offer his for $30. We're
> calling
> this the Merican fix. So if any of you that already have the bar would like
> this
> let me know. Here's what it all costs:
> $420-HRSB w/mounting brackets and bushings and heim joints
> $150-mounting kit(not required for Avants and 92 S4s)
> $30-Merican fix
> $20-shipping
> I'm sure you've all heard the testimonials concerning this mod but I'll
> just
> say that this is the single most effective thing you can do for the turn-in
> and handling of a urS4/6 period. Please e-mail me off list for pics or
> questions. If you have a non-bar cars are planning this mod and funds are
> an issue, I
> would highly recommend that you buy just the mounting kit and the Mereican
> fix
> at this time since that piece is the hardest to come by.
> Hap, with no sway in Evahboost, Maguire
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