ECU code 4411

Zoot531 at Zoot531 at
Tue Jul 20 00:03:41 EDT 2004

  Was driving home from work today when I noticed the check engine light 
coming on intermittently.  Retrieved a code of "4411" this evening using a paper 
clip.  This is listed as VAG 1551/2 and according to the SJM site it regards 
"fuel injector cylinder 1: open or short circuit symptom.  Engine runs rough or 
  I don't really know how to look for the problems in this case, has anyone 
had a similar experience?  I have been having rough running issues upon warm 
startups (warm ambient and warm engine) which sometimes results in stalling if 
it isn't kept alive with some accelerator pressure.  Could this be related to 
my apparent problems with injector #1?

Adam C
Stockton, CA

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