Severe Inner Tire Wear : TOE in , Camber

SuffolkD at SuffolkD at
Tue Jul 20 00:14:53 EDT 2004

Sniping to shorten post.
I'm chiming in a little late on Bernie's and Jeff's alignment thread.
I drive a 911 (occasionally) which has a healthy 2" obvious wear "Strip" on 
BOTH inside edges on the front wheels.  After reading Jeff's post, I'm 
convinced the PO / Dealer replaced the tires without addressing the alignment.  I'm 
sold on Jeff's explaination on toe.........
BTW, the car (new to us) & tires have 5,000 miles on them.

Anything else I should inspect?  '88 w/45K miles.......................
-Scott by BOSTON

> From: CL Wong <>
> Subject: severe inner tire wear
> I have moderate-severe inner tire wear and the
> alignment shop I took my car to, told me it was
> because of the toe.
> They also told me that my adjusters are frozen and no
> matter how much heat and penetrating spray they
> applied they were not able to correct the toe (can't
> remember if it was too much or too little, but I
> suppose the inside tire wear should indicate which).
> Can the toe adjusters (have no idea what part this is)
> be un-frozen or do I have to replace them?
> thanks

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