Eibachs, etc.

auditude at cox.net auditude at cox.net
Tue Jul 20 01:47:33 EDT 2004


Just a heads up.  Today I just received a new set of 
1529.140 Eibachs, and the individual spring numbers are 
front: 1527.001 VA and rear: 1516.002 HA.

This matches the information on this site: 
Which means it's the latest and greatest "correct" kit.  
Well actually it might be spec'ed for the ur-S4, but it's 
the closest of the Eibachs that I'm aware of and probably a 
better choice than the even rarer 1506.140's for a 5kq.  understand this means I shouldn't have to use any spacers in 
the back for the intended stance (unless I put in a heavy 
speaker box, yeah I know).

I got mine for $209 plus shipping from 
http://www.speedcustoms.com .  There was two week delay 
before I got them because they were backordered or 
something.  But they showed up. My only gripe was being 
charged when the order was placed instead of when it was 

I still have to get the ur-S6 suspension pieces for the 2B 
camber plates, and then it will all go in with Bilstein 

I'm enjoying my eurolights that are finally installed, and I
 put in some clear turn signals to match the corners.  Clear 
side markers are on their way.  I found some 17"s which will 
allow me to put some brakes on the car, and then the RS2 
stuff is next.

So anyway, if you want some Eibachs, that's a source.  I got 
a good deal on the struts too, from 
http://www.evolutionsports.com .  No affiliation with either 
of these outfits.



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