A/C Compressor Removal and Install

Brice Warnick Brice2004 at webtv.net
Tue Jul 20 04:12:24 EDT 2004

I went to get the R12 topped off from a mechanic friend. He could not
get the compressor to take any R12. He said that the vanes of the
compressor are probably bad.
The compressor engages fine so the clutch is good. 
I show 0 errors on the A/C control head. On Channel 19 it show that the
high pressure switch has kicked on 3 times. I was hoping that maybe that
simply a clogged restrictor could be causing the problem.  To check that
I will have to evacuate the system or lose all the R12 have. I get some
cool air but not much. I get the coolest air right when I start the car
after it has been sitting for a few hours.
Any help would be much appreciated.
Now, I removed a 10P17C Nippondenso compressor from my 88 5000. The
compressor worked fine.  It was a bitch to remove. I ended up removing
the radiator and condenser to get it out.  Before I remove the
compressor on the 200 I wanted to find out the easy way to pull one. The
bottom bracket has to come off which has the 4 nuts that attach to the
long thin bolts. 
What then?
Do I have to loosen the 2 17MM that go through main bracket and then
through the upper bracket so that I can swing the compressor out? The
17MM bolt toward the radiator seems impossible to get to without going
in from above? Or do I remove the main big bracket itself that has 4
17MM bolts holding it which seem impossible to get to all from below
I know that I am missing something very simple here. All the Bentley
shows at 87.32 is a picture of all the parts.
Someone that has done this before, please enlighten me.

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