Zenner Diode Kit 443 298 008

Brice Warnick Brice2004 at webtv.net
Tue Jul 20 04:39:39 EDT 2004

The 88 10P17C compressor I have does not the Zenner diode kit installed,
443 298 008. It was an SB on 11-90.
I can take the diode off of the 200 compressor.
I figured I would put the 88 compressor on and then send the 200 out to
be rebuilt. I can get this done in Dallas for $125.00 from a former
product manager for Four Seasons who says that that the quality of the
Four Seasons rebuilds in shoddy.  A lot of shops wont even put on
rebuilts anymore because of the poor work. Four Seasons practically
controls the whole market under many different brand names.
Anyway, my question is about the diode kit.
The dealer looked it up for me and they showed only 2 kits in the whole
world and they were in Germany. The dealers cost was $113.42. This is
just for the diode and wire and does not include the relay(443 919 578H)
which I dont need.
Has anyone found another way besides buying this kit? It shows a pic of
it in the Bentley at 87.35 Can you get the diode by buying a rebuilt
clutch or just the magnetic coil with the diode attached?  

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