engine dieing at idle (fuel pump?) '91 200 20v

Dave Defferding MstrBlastr at Comcast.net
Wed Jul 21 00:30:26 EDT 2004

Symptoms are classic for a failed TBV (turbo bypass valve) to me.   Check
Scott M's site regarding replacement.  Not too expensive and quite easy to

Regarding likely fuel pump noise-- when in California in warm conditions
(~90 or better), our pump buzzed as well.  I believe it's their gas mix down
there, as symptoms disappear up in the Oregon/Washington area.  I've heard
some have tried adding a small amount of auto trans fluid to the tank to
help lube the pump.

good luck.

Dave D
'91 200Q
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Subject: engine dieing at idle (fuel pump?) '91 200 20v

> Howdy all,
> Lately my '91 200 20v has been dying while I am coasting up to a red light
> with the clutch depressed.  I don't notice till I go to start up again or
> look at the tack.  If I notice while I am still driving I can release the
> clutch and the engine starts fine, if I am stopped the starter starts the
> engine no problem.  I noticed this afternoon that there is a unusual
> sound coming from somewhere by my rear wheel wells, is this the fuel pump?
> and can that cause these symptoms?  Don't know if this matters, but it is
> ~95 degrees and humid.  Other than that it runs great.
> thanks in advance,
> Jeremiah
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