[200q20v] A/C electronic jolt fix update

Brice Warnick Brice2004 at webtv.net
Wed Jul 21 02:28:15 EDT 2004

            You installed the Kenner diode kit back in 2000  Pt. no. 443
298 008. Where did you get the kit back then and how much did it cost
then? I dont need the 4433 919 578H relay but need the diode kit to
attach to the magnetic clutch. 
          The dealer is now showing only 2 of these kits in the whole
world and they are in Germany. The dealers cost is $113.42
           By the way, what is the easiest and most efficient way to
remove the compressor? I know I have to take the bottom bracket off
first with the four bolts. I cant remove this first because the main
bracket is in the way. Do I loosen the 2 17MM bolts on the top bracket
so that I can swing the compressor out? Te bolt closest to the radiator
is hardly accesible at all. I removed one on an 88 5000 and had to come
in from the top which was a real pain. It is just a parts car.

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