Replacing timing belt

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Wed Jul 21 19:08:12 EDT 2004

Bob:  Your wish has been created here:

Thanks to Mike, Paul, Ray, Peter, Craig and myself.
I can e-mail HUGE video files too.
> From: Rbade12 at
> Subject: Replacing timing belt
> I'm sure for many of you this has been beaten to death, please forgive me  
> for asking!
> I've researched as much as possible, via Bentley, Chris Miller, SMJ, and am  
> preparing to change my 200q20v's, timing belt, H2O pump, front crank seal  
> and 
> many other unrelated bits. I've got the air dam, lower radiator and  
> intercooler crossover off. I'm awaiting the arrival of parts and tools from  
> Blau. I'm 
> wondering if any of you have any words/links of wisdom before I  proceed? 
> I'd 
> very much appreciate any help that you could provide!!!
> Thanks,
> Bob Bade

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