200 20v summer tires, 215/60/15

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I have the Yokahama db2s and had the XGTV4s before.  The Yoks are OK and much better, quieter and less scary than the prior set of Yok -dbs.  I know these are all season  and not summer, which is the comparison to the Pilot XGTV4s - a phenomenal tire with little or no compromise in any of the aspects of performance and the high price to reflect this.

The Yok-db2s(maybe not comparable at all to the ES-100s) handle fairly well and do OK in the rain, but never the sense of confidence I had with the Pilots.  They suck in the snow and as I recall the Pilots did much better.  they also make a whining noise when going around curves fast, but you'll have plenty of wanring before going too fast  in a turn - at least in the dry.  They were about hslf the price of the Pilots, which is one reason I got them.  The other is that at the time the Conti-extreme were not available.  My understanding is the continentals are comparable to the Pilots at a fraction of the cost.  perhaps you should look at them - that is what I would have bought had their supply not be outstripped by demand to the point they had to revamp their production and that should no longer be an issue.

I'm way over-simplifying the above, but giving you my data point.  You'll probably be happy with the Yoks.  I was very happy with my fist set of Yokahama tires, but somewhere along the way, the price to performance seemed to go down.  Now it seems that Kumho has that niche.


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Yea, seems there is not a lot of choices in the OEM size. 

I'm not excited about going to the 225/60-15 because of the taller
sidewall.....and I'm not prepared to spend the cash on a set of wheels.
Looks like it's back to the XGTV or try the Yoko ES100. Hmmm.

Thanks for the input guys,

Steve Hauptmann
South Carolina]

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