Severe Inner Tire Wear : TOE in , Camber

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Thu Jul 22 08:31:10 EDT 2004

I haven't seen your tires but your shop probably should have noted, if they 
knew, that the wear you describe, on varying levels of severity is "normal" 
for a well aligned 911?  I'd first check to see if anyone has messed with 
the original alignment.  Also check the strut plates for prior adjustments, 
usually theese are "sealed" at the factory with "goop" and you should be 
able to tell if they have been moved or replaced.
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 00:14:44 EDT
From: SuffolkD at

Sniping to shorten post.
I'm chiming in a little late on Bernie's and Jeff's alignment thread.
I drive a 911 (occasionally) which has a healthy 2" obvious wear "Strip" on
BOTH inside edges on the front wheels.  After reading Jeff's post, I'm
convinced the PO / Dealer replaced the tires without addressing the 
I'm sold on Jeff's explaination on toe.........
BTW, the car (new to us) & tires have 5,000 miles on them.

Anything else I should inspect?  '88 w/45K miles.......................
-Scott by BOSTON

>From: CL Wong <>
>Subject: severe inner tire wear
>I have moderate-severe inner tire wear and the
>alignment shop I took my car to, told me it was
>because of the toe.
>They also told me that my adjusters are frozen and no
>matter how much heat and penetrating spray they
>applied they were not able to correct the toe (can't
>remember if it was too much or too little, but I
>suppose the inside tire wear should indicate which).
>Can the toe adjusters (have no idea what part this is)
>be un-frozen or do I have to replace them?

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