removing rear quarter window from part-out Avant

Phil Rose pjrose at
Fri Jul 23 09:58:10 EDT 2004

At 1:26 AM -0400 7/23/04, Ben Swann wrote:
>The stuff is safe(er) because you don't get sliced up, but might get 
>pretty well abraded in an accident.  I think most windsheilds and 
>door windows have all the glass iencased in a plastic sheet of 
>material that retains the  glass bits.

No, the windshield glass is not "encased" in plastic. The 
safety-glass window has a polymer layer (polyvinyl butyral, known as 
"Butvar") which is sandwiched--laminated--between two layers of 
glass. Hence the plastic tends to be encased by glass, not the other 
way around. This strong, flexible plastic adheres very tightly to the 
glass, so when the glass is broken it minimizes the free bits and 
exposure of dangerous edges.


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