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Scott, This is sweet man. I didn't even want to mess around with attempting to do the timing but the all inclusive documentation you've (Bob too?) provided is great! I think I am going to have the rings re-done and a 3 angle vavle job ($1600 at German Motorsports in Colorado Springs). Should bring all the compression back to par along with at least 220 HP. I will post new pics of my pearle 20v this weekend. Anyone who is looking at tint, sedan or Avant should look at the solar gaurd quantum on mine (it makes the car). I'll take pics of those 215/45/17's too, they are a little narrow but I can corner off a highway off ramp at 70mph, awesome. Have a good weekend all!  2.2 20vTQ fan, Paul --Original Message-- From: <SuffolkD at> To: <200q20v at>, <Rbade12 at> 
Subject: Re: Replacing timing belt 
  Bob: Your wish has been created here: 

Thanks to Mike, Paul, Ray, Peter, Craig and myself. 
I can e-mail HUGE video files too. 
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> Subject: Replacing timing belt 
> I'm sure for many of you this has been beaten to death, please forgive me 
> for asking! 
> I've researched as much as possible, via Bentley, Chris Miller, SMJ, and am 
> preparing to change my 200q20v's, timing belt, H2O pump, front crank seal 
> and 
> many other unrelated bits. I've got the air dam, lower radiator and 
> intercooler crossover off. I'm awaiting the arrival of parts and tools from 
> Blau. I'm 
> wondering if any of you have any words/links of wisdom before I proceed? 
> I'd 
> very much appreciate any help that you could provide!!! 
> Thanks, 
> Bob Bade 

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