200 20v summer tires, 215/60/15

Mike Miller mikemilr at blackfoot.net
Fri Jul 23 14:01:53 EDT 2004

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> Yea, seems there is not a lot of choices in the OEM size.
> I'm not excited about going to the 225/60-15 because of the taller
> sidewall.....and I'm not prepared to spend the cash on a set of wheels.
> Looks like it's back to the XGTV or try the Yoko ES100. Hmmm.
> Thanks for the input guys,
> Steve Hauptmann
> South Carolina

I went through two sets of 225/60/15 on my last 200q - one BFG comp TA and
one BFG touring TA - the comp TAs were the best, but short lived. I thought
they handled much better than the 215/60/15's. Running some Toyo Proxies
225/50/16 now - great handling and decent in the wet.

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