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Steven Hauptmann hauptmanns at llr.sc.gov
Fri Jul 23 16:57:58 EDT 2004

My car came from the PO with the Hoppen chip installed. We bought the car
from him with 99k miles on the clock and it now has 180k and it runs great
and pulls hard.  

WRT reliability/wear. If you think about it, just about every system on the
car is subject to increased loads or stresses or heat etc. due to increasing
output by ~60 hp. So there is no doubt that increased wear can and will take
place as a result of the use of the additional hp a modified ECU will

However, the big picture is (as I see it), will the engine throw a rod?,
will the turbo blow apart?, will the transmission or clutch fail in short
order as a direct result of the increased boost?. IMO, for our cars and the
average enthusiast, NO (unless something was on the way out anyway). 
Sure there is the absolute maniac lead foot who will do 4-wheel dry
doughnuts (or equivalent) with the increased power,  and he/she will
undoubtedly experience $$$$ component replacement much sooner than the
average owner would be comfortable with.  

I'll install my 2nd BPV in 80k miles this weekend. Besides that, any other
component wear I've experienced due to the increased output has been
negligible (IMO).

Is the accelerated wear and tear on the car worth it for some extra hp? Each
must answer that question him/herself. 

Would I do it....not yes....but heck yes.  (have to keep the list clean) 

Steve Hauptmann
South Carolina

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Hey, Thanks for the info Brandon. Mike Hoppen at Joe Hoppen Motorsports says
he can program the ECM for the stock turbo for $495 (270 hp). I can afford
to do this if I wish but I don't want to compromise reliability. Any one out
there with this config.? Paul 

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