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Sun Jul 25 13:03:22 EDT 2004

I had to wait to reply to this because I reacted strongly at first.

I agree with Peter for the most part.


I already do b) and d).   a) is a joke and illogical and differs from
all the email packages that I use that place the cursor above the text
included from the email that is being responded to.  c) well, I don't
agree with it.  Sometimes I think it's appropriate, sometimes not, but
I don't think it should be mandated either way.  I guess if the topic
strays enough, a new thread could be started, but isn't that possible
by just changing the subject.

In summary, these tenets are presented as if they have never been
dictated before.  I've never seen it though that doesn't mean it
wasn't presented previously.


On Fri, 23 Jul 2004 18:02:13 -0400, Brett Dikeman <brett at> wrote:
> List etiquette is in the toilet again.  Last warning for all.
> a)Replies go BELOW the quoted text.  Quoted text should be delimited
> with some sort of character- Eudora uses a character that looks like
> a bar, Pine/Elm/etc use ">" marks, as does Outlook, if you tell it
> to(it's an option, sorry, don't remember specifically where).
> b)Quote ONLY the relevant text from the original email.  Not the last
> 5 messages from the thread, not 4 paragraphs, etc.  Remember, it's
> just there to provide context to your comments- people shouldn't have
> to scroll to see your reply.
> c)Do NOT change the subject line.  I don't care if you think it's a
> good idea to change it, I don't care if you think you know better,
> etc.
> d)Remove ALL copies of sigs, advertising banners (yahoo etc), copies
> of the list footer, etc.  I saw a message today that had 2-3 copies
> of the list footer AND the user's email service advertising banner.
> If I feel that it continues to be a problem, I will start enforcing
> individual moderation for problem users- and gosh, I just might not
> get around to checking the moderation queue right away ;-)
> Brett
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