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Mon Jul 26 11:28:43 EDT 2004

FYI.  This is an update to an old posting of mine:
Thanks to Steve Scalmanini info for this service center, provided to the list in late 2002.  Both of my Audis are '91 and have the same Delta Bose radio.  Both radios were in need of work, however, the dealer exchange program was discontinued some time ago.  I had wanted to keep both cars as original as I could, therefore, not considering any aftermarket solution.  Earlier this month, I pulled both units and sent them to Midwest Electronics in Franklin Park, IL.  Cost was flat amount for each of $136.  Both had defective off/on/volume controls and keyboard buttons that would lose connectivity.  Now I have two good-as-new sound systems.  
Brett J. Seamans,  OE Service Coordinator, Midwest Electronics, 3230 Mannheim Rd., Franklin Park, IL 60131
Tel: +1 847-288-0800 Ext. 14, Fax: +1 847-288-0900, mailto:brett at,

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