Aqua-Phobic Audi (3)

Andy Schor walbum at
Mon Jul 26 11:59:07 EDT 2004

Over the weekend the ECU got a new raincoat.  
The ECU and connectors looked OK (free of 
visible oxidation or other evidence of water).  
We placed a white paper towel under the plastic 
for future forensics.

I went to one of those car wash places where you 
exchange quarters for pressurized water and 
sprayed away.  The floor and ECU stayed dry.

Early this morning we got a hard rain and the 
passenger footwell was soaking wet.  The car 
was parked facing slightly down hill, if that matters.  
The headliner was not wet.  This time the ECU 
(& paper towel) stayed dry.   

Might there be a sunroof drain tube that is draining 
into the interior???  The windshield had been replaced 
by P/O, but no water is visible around the 'shield.

Thanks to all responders,

Andy Schor
'91 200q20v Avant

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