Aqua-Phobic Audi (3)

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Mon Jul 26 16:24:52 EDT 2004

There is a sunroof drain that exits into the front doorjamb.  But I'd think
that if that were plugged, the water would have come in past the sunroof
itself, making the headliner wet.

Have you checked the largish drain for the HVAC well under the rain
diverter cover?  It's located near the firewall just toward the passenger
fender from the heater core box in the center of the well.  Looks like a
big black grommet. It often gets plugged with leaves, pine needles, acorns,
etc.   If that well fills up from heavy rain because the drain is plugged,
water would overflow through the recirculation door into the passenger

At 11:59 AM 7/26/2004 -0400, Andy Schor wrote:
>Over the weekend the ECU got a new raincoat.  
>The ECU and connectors looked OK (free of 
>visible oxidation or other evidence of water).  
>We placed a white paper towel under the plastic 
>for future forensics.
>I went to one of those car wash places where you 
>exchange quarters for pressurized water and 
>sprayed away.  The floor and ECU stayed dry.
>Early this morning we got a hard rain and the 
>passenger footwell was soaking wet.  The car 
>was parked facing slightly down hill, if that matters.  
>The headliner was not wet.  This time the ECU 
>(& paper towel) stayed dry.   
>Might there be a sunroof drain tube that is draining 
>into the interior???  The windshield had been replaced 
>by P/O, but no water is visible around the 'shield.
>Thanks to all responders,
>Andy Schor
>'91 200q20v Avant
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