Relieving fuel pressure

auditude at auditude at
Mon Jul 26 17:22:48 EDT 2004

My guess would be that since it is still trying to spark as well, that it might begin to "catch", but not run.

I would associate the cylinder washing thing more for if you don't have spark but are spraying fuel.  I wouldn't think it would wash the walls down anymore than if it was running.

An oil change afterward would be a good idea if you suspect injected fuel isn't getting burned.  (Not that it would do anything for the damage done to the sealing surfaces or catalytic convertor.)


Kneale Brownson knotnook at wrote:

Won't that result in the cylinders being washed down (or filled up) with
fuel?  I't think that would not be a good thing

At 06:25 PM 7/26/2004 +0300, Jonas Majauskas wrote:
>Remove fuel pump relay and try to start engine for ~5-8 seconds. Engine
>will not start, but ECU will keep on opening fuel injectors...

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