Relieving fuel pressure

SuffolkD at SuffolkD at
Tue Jul 27 02:27:35 EDT 2004

Ah, how urban legends get started? Not really, but I have the video where 
Peter and Mike go at it with an air saw.  To say "chicken head" here, (me) ducked 
behind the fender of a nearby car where Paul continued to protect the beer 
nuts is how I remember it.

Witty comments like "Nice knowing ya" and "waiting for the boom"...were 
tossed over the fender................. thankfully, the car guys defeated the Audi 
gods, while I had a good laugh.

-Scott by BOSTON
> From: Peter Schulz <>
> Bob:
> I know you only asked about relieving fuel pressure, but having recently 
> done this I quickly found out how complicated this supposedly simple 
> maintenance can become on a near 14 year old car.
> Based on personal experience, I recommend having about 12 inches of  3/8 or 
> 5/16 inch high pressure fuel injection grade fuel hose and fuel injection 
> hose clamps ready just in case....For me, everything went well with the 
> removal and installation of the new filter, but then when I reinstalled the 
> fuel pump fuse and started the car, fuel dripped from the flex line to hard 
> line crimp.

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