Relieving fuel pressure

Mike Sylvester msylvester at
Tue Jul 27 12:17:35 EDT 2004

I'll tell you how I relieve the fuel pressure...I crack open the fitting at
the fuel filter.  No guess work there.

If you guys are so afraid of the fuel why fool around trying to install a
filter that already has gas in it.
I don't see any reason to attempt to pre fill the filter.  The fuel pump
will do that very quickly.  If you want to purge the air, just jump the fuel
pump relay after the new filter is installed.

Mike Sylvester


At 9:02 AM -0400 7/26/04, Rbade12 at wrote:

>  Is there a simple way to relieve fuel pressure proir to changing the
>filter on my 200q20v?

Release fuel pressure in the tank by opening the cap.  Then apply a
vacuum to the port on the fuel pressure regulator- or pull the fuel
pump relay with the car running.

A little bit of gas will leak out regardless.

Make sure you pre-fill the filter; it should not be installed dry.


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