Crank Breather Hose needs Viagra

Phil Rose pjrose at
Tue Jul 27 16:49:52 EDT 2004

At 8:25 PM +0000 7/27/04, todnad at wrote:
>WOW!!   Sounds like something even Gottlieb Daimler & Karl Benz 
>would be proud of.
>Looking for something a little more plug-n-play though.

So... simply buy the correct replacement hose from Audi and install 
it... The job doesn't  require much time to do, but it helps to have 
the ability to lay atop the engine in order to reach hose connections 
near the center (of the hose) at the back of the engine.

The SJM Web site, as usual, has some great illustrations of the 
components and their layout. Just make certain to remember to insert 
the check-valve hose (the small hose that goes to carbon cannister) 
into the new breather hose _before_ anything else is done, otherwise 
that connection can be a real son-of-a-batch to do later on..


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