Crank Breather Hose needs Viagra

Rbade12 at Rbade12 at
Wed Jul 28 17:54:12 EDT 2004

I just finished replacing my crank vent hose. I removed the crank vent hose  
and the "Y" hose attached to it as one, [I wished to clean all valves, etc]. I 
 had the metal intake off to clean the throttle body.  I also had the idle  
valve off to clean it. When I put the crank hose back in I did so without the  
"Y" hose [couldn't work it through as one]. Having the metal intake off  
really helped access the "T" part of the crank hose. The idle valve removal  
offered no real improvement in access. I shielded the vent hose from the coolant  
hose just below it.

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