Oil Pump Gasket

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Thu Jul 29 14:48:25 EDT 2004

I'm planning to replace the oil pump gasket on my car with 220k miles on
it.  Car has had a little leak in the front of the engine in the 80K or so
miles I've driven it that got significantly worse last fall after I
replaced the timing belt and failed to seat the new crankshaft seal
properly.  That seal definitely was leaking when I redid it last month.
Inside of the TB cover was all oil soaked.  After I redid the seal, I still
had the leak in the front.  I found that I had failed to tighten the bolt
that holds the alternator adjustment device in place.  That bolt had a
bunch of oil on it when I took it out the other day.  So I replaced the
sealant I'd put on it before and tightened it down properly.  Engine still
has the little leak, but it's a bit more than before.  I think the same
thing must have happened when the belt was replaced some time in the past
and the seal was damaged by oil pressure when the engine was run without
the entire oil pump being torqued to spec.

Anyway, two questions:

1. I assume I have to drop the pan to get the pump off (along with removing
the crank pulley, etc.).  So do I need an oil pan gasket?

2.  Since the oil pump has been working away for more than 200k miles,
might it be a good idea to install a new one just in case the leak is from
a warped casting instead of a damaged pump gasket?  

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