Pressure testing the intake system .......Continued

Chuck Pierce cpcycle at
Fri Jul 30 20:25:22 EDT 2004

Continued from earlier:

I fixed the hose and found that the crankcase pressure valve also leaks 
with the system pressurized, if I am correct that is not supposed to 
I went out and got a barbed tubing elbow to replace the crankcase 
pressure valve so I could continue to look for leaks.
Found some air coming out from the dipstick, plugged that, now it seems 
that I have some leakage around the injectors where they go into the 
intake manifold this is probably not a good thing.
I did not use more than 20psi for this testing. I did not seem to hear 
any leaks coming from the front end of the car( intercooler & connections).
Pulled the spark plug wires out and found the #5 plug connector had some 
oil on the end. 
So this probably means the valve cover gasket is leaking ( at least the 
portion that seals the #5 spark plug hole). Found some seepage at the 
rear of the valve cover also( while I was looking around).

Still do not think I have found why the car failed the smog test with 
really high hydrocarbons ( 193 ppm with a 120 ppm Mx  at the low speed 

So if any one has some BTDT experience to relay please do. I am new to 
the turbo charging and EFI so the learning curve is a bit steep.


Chuck Pierce wrote:

> Since the car did not pass smog I figured I would pressure test the 
> intake system before i ripped into the car.
> I found the short hose going from the crankcase pressure valve( this 
> is the valve under the bend in the intake manifold) has a huge hole in 
> it. I am headed to the local FLAP to get a piece of hose
> Will the a pressure leak like this cause the car to run rich?
> For all I know I will find more leaks after I get this one fixed.
> Opinions please
> Chuck Pierce
> 91 200tq 20v Avant
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