Watts kyle at sopris.net
Sat Jul 31 09:58:55 EDT 2004

Hello all,
The diagnosis for my smoking after warm up was a seized RS turbo (40K
miles on it). 2Bennett loaned/rented me a K24 while the RS is being
re-built. Got that yesterday and took out the RS (I could barely turn
the shaft) and installed the K24. When I had the seized RS turbo (before
I knew the turbo was seized), the boost gauge would read 1.4 bar maximum
(I have a Hoppen stage 2 chip and RS EM). The K24 now reads about the
same. I am more than a little confused. The car seems to be about as
fast as my 93 S4 I once had. I thought I would feel head jerking low end
acceleration, don't get me wrong the car moves pretty good, but not what
I would expect. I checked all of the hoses, they are intact and secure.
What's the deal with the boost gauge? I think it monitors manifold
pressure, and is not a true indication of the actual boost pressure? Is
the gauge accurate with the chip installed? I fit the boost gauge is
reading 1.4 bar, what would the actual boost pressure be? At least it
isn't smoking, and I no longer getting nasty looks and gestures from
fellow drivers. Any help/clarification would be appreciated.

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