Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Sat Jul 31 12:39:44 EDT 2004

At 7:58 AM -0600 7/31/04, Watts wrote:

>The diagnosis for my smoking after warm up was a seized RS turbo (40K
>miles on it). 2Bennett loaned/rented me a K24 while the RS is being
>re-built. Got that yesterday and took out the RS (I could barely turn
>the shaft) and installed the K24.

Did you also switch the software over to one with proper maps for the 
k24, or unplug the wastegate frequency valve? If you run software 
designed for the larger RS2 turbo, you'll blow up the k24 in short 

It'll be tough to say any more without knowing what -exact- 
modifications were done to the car.  However, I doubt 2Bennett would 
have let you trundle off with turbo-destroying software loaded up 
with their k24 in the car :-)

>I thought I would feel head jerking low end acceleration

Low end would improve with the k24 over the RS2, yes.  Stock torque 
peak is at 2k RPM.

>, don't get me wrong the car moves pretty good, but not what
>I would expect. I checked all of the hoses, they are intact and secure.
>What's the deal with the boost gauge?

The boost gauge is scaled because the pressure transducer was 
changed.  I believe the communication between the display and the ECU 
is a simple voltage level- and the display assumes max voltage = 2.0 
bar or thereabouts.

Was the oil leak on the hot or cold side?  If it was the cold side, 
you need to run a bottle of Techron through the car (if you have a 
lot of deposits built up in the combustion chamber from burning all 
that oil, you might have some knocking) probably also clean out the 
intercooler and as much of the plumbing as you can.

   If it was the hot side, you can skip that- but either way, you've 
probably clogged up the O2 sensor, and your catalytic converters 
might not be in the greatest shape either.

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